Skyatlas Backup User Manual

The Skycloud account is defined by the Skyatlas team.

An e-mail containing user name and password information is sent to the defined mail address. The mail contains download links for the application according to the operating systems.

Installation starts by clicking the appropriate link. The downloaded file is executed.

After the user name and password are entered, it is continued by selecting Microsoft SQL Server Edition.


The backup plan selected as a local or cloud backup.


It continues by selecting the backup storage as SkyAtlas Ankara.

If we get the error shown in the figure at this step, a change must be made on SQL Server Management.

Connects to SQL Server Management.

The Server Roles page is clicked on the screen that opens by following the Logins → NT AUTHORITY / SYSTEM → Properties steps. By adding sysadmin from these roles, then OK is selected.

If the installation is continued after making this arrangement, the error received will have disappeared. Continue by selecting the database to be backup.

Compressed and encrypted file option can be used if desired.

In the Schedule step, a time period for which the backup should be taken can be selected. At this level, the backup will be taken at the entered day and hour, or the user can manually initiate the backup process at any time without giving any time.

With the Recurring option, you can choose to make regular backups at certain periods.

With Advanced Schedule, we can schedule and automate backup times.


For example, we set up a differantial backup every day at 10:00 PM.

In addition, we add another plan to make a full backup every Saturday at 10:00 PM.

After selecting our backup plans, we can see the details as follows.

How many copies to keep the backup can be selected or continued with default settings.

In the Notification settings, the option "Send mail when receiving an error during backup" is displayed as default.


We can change this setting to 'Send mail in all cases'. In this way, whenever backup is taken, a mail will be sent to the defined mail address.


In the last step, backup summary information can be examined.

We can see the plan we have made from our Backup Plans and start it by clicking the arrow button on the right side.

The e-mail that the backup process is completed will be as follows.

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