Moving the Instance Which Is Created on The Ephemeral Disc To The Volume

Creating a snapshot

The first step to move an instance opened on the ephemeral disk to the volume is to take a snapshot of the instance.

To take a snapshot of the instance, you can use our article to Create a Snapshot on the Skyatlas panel.


To create an instance from the snapshot you have created, you must select the Snapshot under the Images tab and click the Create Volume button.


You can change size-type as your wish on the opened tab. Click Create Volume to move on.


The volume created from snapshot is listed under the Volumes tab.

In this step, click Launch as Instance to continue and an instance is created from the volume.


After filling the Details part, Volume is chosen as Yes in the Source section.


Continue by selecting Flavor part. Instance is created by clicking the Launch Instance button after filling the following information, such as Networks and key pair.


You can view the created instance under Instances tab.


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